About Us

The Perth Artifactory is the Hackerspace in Perth, Western Australia. We currently occupy a large warehouse unit in Osborne Park and have been busily populating it with tools, both robotic and non-robotic, technology, desks and workstations.

The name Artifactory is the joining of the words artifact and factory, so maybe we lost a “fact” (or two) along the way with the motto – Don’t think. Make.

We currently have over 40 financial members and many regular visitors to the space during the various theme nights. Remember visitors are always welcome – before heading down check the webcams to make certain someone will be there to meet you.

We are dedicated to providing a place where people of all backgrounds with an interest in technology can come together to work on projects, share ideas and socialise.

The Perth Artifactory Incorporated is a non-profit incorporated association in Western Australia.
ABN: 16847853023

For general enquiries, contact info@artifactory.org.au

Website - http://artifactory.org.au/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/perthartifactory